Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Books have gone to the dogs at Norwalk Public Library

We're happy to share that our newest literacy program has started! Read more about it:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whats could be better than getting a new puppy?

See the answer for yourself.

Easy Come, Not-So-Easy Go....

It is a big week in the Angel's home with Seneca preparing for placement and Keeper just starting his puppy-raising adventures. It won't be often that the service dogs cross paths, but look at what happens when they do!

A big welcome to Keeper and huge thanks to Seneca for making his transition a little bit easier.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Theater Lovin' Dog.

Back no more then a week in Des Moines and Tag had a hankerin' for the theater. So, we took him to the Des Moines Social Club's performance of The Twelfth Labor at the Side Show Lounge!

Tag, with his regular theater behavior of "I'm-not-so-sure-this-could-be-coconuts," got a bit animated - if only a moment - when the mother of this turn of century household was takin' care of the cat! Yes, the cat killed one of the chickens and had to be takin' care of (the cat in this part was a stuffed toy animal that looked like a cat). Tag perked up during this scene but quickly recovered and went back to his "Don't Pet Me - Sleepin' " position.

Tag really does enjoy the theater shows. If you don't believe, just ask him.

Mssr. ParTAGer

Tag has gotten many more miles and lot of experiences under his collar. The dog swap happened in Louisville, Kentucky. A beautiful town on the Ohio river basin and home to the start of Lewis and Clark's cross country expedition. When we left he was just a puppy; now he's grown into a young adult. He gained a ton of skills while on the road. He can open and close doors! He can fetch/retrieve the phone (things change when it rings!). He can pick objects off the floor and hand them back to the handler. He can chase the tennis ball till your arm falls off from chucking it into the fields. A HUGE thanks to the Reed-Ceveris family for all the time, effort, energy, training and love they've invested in Tag.

Tag got to go swimming in the Louisville City Park fountain. Apparently this spot is a heavenly treat for dogs and kids! Shortly after the swim, Tag got to visit a really cool veterinarian (Downtown Animal Hospital) so he could get looked at and get some more of that heart and tick stuff. Nobody likes the creepy crawlies!

Tag is already preparing for his next adventure. He will be traveling to Denver, Colorado! We are all jealous and living vicariously through Tag's Excellent Adventures.