Thursday, July 22, 2010


He's ORANGE. We welcome Jack (the ORANGE dog) into the Paws & Effect service puppy gang.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Congratulations Paws & Effect!

With a great deal of excitement, we're pleased to announce that Paws & Effect is eligible to receive vouchers from the Assistance Dogs United Campaign! This designation means that potential service dog recipients can offset some of the costs associated with raising and training a dog for them. The Assistance Dogs United Campaign places a great deal of emphasis on empowering potential service dog recipients, encouraging them to interview any number of service dog organizations before selecting the one they desire to work with. We are honored to have made the cut!

Monday, July 12, 2010

We're just dogs ...

Just another teaser for our up coming Public Service Announcement.

This is going to be a really fun piece.

Putts 4 Mutts Golf Benefit Tournament

The 2nd Annual Putts 4 Mutts Golf Benefit Tournament was a hoot. The tournament was benefitting three great organizations; Friends of the Animal Center Foundation, Safe Haven of Iowa County and Paws & Effect.

The golf outing had a great turn-out and even better weather (because in Iowa an aweful lot hinges on the weather), and that's important!

Several dogs and cats were present to greet the participants and in some cases providing a little bit of pre-golf animal assisted therapy and for others they got a good luck kiss or two (from the dogs).

Congratulations to Sara Tokheim and her volunteers for a smoothly run event.

Roggen available for petting while she
patiently waits for the shotgun start.

The three benefactors of the event set
up to meet and greet the participants.

Cadence (our model dog for the logo) was distracted
by the days activities but Roggen worked the crowd
even hitching her first ever ride on a golf cart.

Tagged just finished yawning, (he's not saying golf
is boring he was only saying that he had to get up early again today).

He soon regained his composer and trained his attention
back to hole 9 which had a hole-in-one contest.

While waiting for that all elusive hole-in-one, Tag learned how to
pull the golf tees out of the ground and hand them up.

Special guest Service Dog Gabor
made an exemplary appearance.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Workshop done right!

St Luke's Hospital truly embraces the Pet Partner program.

We taught another workshop to a crowded house today at St Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids. Yet again upping the ante on the level of quality for the individuals that are interested in becoming Delta Society registered. This was a great group of people from Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and the surrounding area. As always we are encouraged by the participation of the group and have high hopes for their up coming evaluations.

We again had the pleasure of an appearance with current St Luke's teams that were participating in therapy sessions in the rehab unit. They shared their workshop and evaluation experiences. They also shared some heart felt stories as to why this work is so important.

"It's may not seem like you changed their life but you have changed the change the world for them even if it was for that one moment."

Setting up for success.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Roo-schach Test

Roo went to his first vet's visit and here's what it looked like.

He slept.

Through all of it.


The vet checked his heart really well just to make sure nothing obvious was wrong. He's just relaxed is all. Clean bill of health.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meet Roo!

So, how do you pronounce that?

Roo is our latest addition to the Paws & Effect Service dog fleet. He's a charmer. He's a sweet heart. He's just plain fun.