Saturday, March 29, 2008

Two fantastic items to tell you about.

March Fun Run a complete success!
Seriously. Two firsts happened today. One of children at our ChildServer program showed up to compete today. Her run with Sofie was a wonderfully emotional time. Maddie did all she needed to do to complete the course with no time faults! This is really a cool thing if you knew that Maddie is in a motorized wheel chair. Maddie, my hats off to you, my heart goes out to you and you are my hero. Knowing what it takes to run your first run, the nerves, the thoughts that go through your mind before you get going. Wow. You did it and you showed us all that it can be done. Thanks for making my day. Yeah, I even had a tear in my eye and heart palpitations from all the positive excitement. Bummer your chair stopped working.

A less notable first was the Hoopers course that we ran today. It was introduced to NADAC this year and I have to say it is incredibly fun and todays run seemed to be sucessful. The sideline audience cheered on all the competitors. How cool.

Maddie, you stole the show and Hoopers are here to stay.



wow! fantastic for maddie! I know a service dog team that compete in USDAA trials and they are kind enough to give her additional time.
that is just really neat!

Nicole and Eric Shumate said...

It was quite the deal. We never expected any of the kids to actually get out and compete. She had no hesitation and really was a champ out on course.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great program!

I work in the DDA field, have puppy raised for a service dog organization, am starting in agility with my own dogs and would love more info. Is there a private addy I can ask questions of nicole and eric?

Keep up the good work,