Thursday, November 4, 2010

Congratulations Paws & Effect!

We'd kept the fact that we applied to become a Delta Society Affiliate under wraps because we didn't want to jinx the outcome. Consider this a rather significant, long awaited, very exciting announcement:

Paws & Effect is a Delta Society Affiliate Program

To say that we're proud of the designation is an understatement. To be recognized as one of the few programs that are of the quality and consistency necessary to receive this honor is just that: an honor.

I hope this brings as big a sense of satisfaction to you as it has me.



anucci4 said...

Congratulation. This is a wonderful achievement.

Natalie said...

This speaks to the very heart of everyone in and affiliated with Paws and Effect. Each of you alone and all of you collectively represent the best we should all aspire to being in the arena of caring and community involvement.