Monday, January 3, 2011

It costs HOW MUCH?

Yeah. I'm startled myself. You always see those studies and figures that talk about how much it costs to care for a dog. Well. I just finished calculating how much the Military Litter has set us back, not including crates, toys or, goodness gracious, food. Or the cost to buy them to begin with. Also not included in this figure is the cost of health insurance. Granted, some of this will be reimbursed, but not nearly as much as you'd think.

So. Here goes.

Seven puppies, all vaccinations accomplished. All have solid stools (let me tell you, this is no small feat). They are parasite free (so far as I know) and have been given the benefit of a Bordetella vaccination, too. One puppy had deciduous teeth removed, two puppies went to Iowa Veterinary Specialties for emergencies.

We haven't gotten any dog spayed or neutered.

How much?

$422 per dog. So far.

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Karlyn said...

Is now a good time to tell you that Merit had x-rays yesterday? Yeah...started limping a few days ago. Vet says no breaks or fractures though...hoping just growing pains. On anti-inflammatories now. If its not...I guess you can add #3 to the ISU Vet list of visits. Sorry =)